MUST HAVE Summer Bundle - 4 pieces!!

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This is the perfect summer bundle! Comes with four products to help you with the summer!

*1st Product - Itch Boss Anti-Itch Lotion: 

This is an anti-itch lotion to be used as a body lotion or to be put on a small itchy area! We use a blend of essential oils along with our soothe moves lotion base to provide you with the most hydrating and natural itch reliever for your skin! Calms bites, stings, and rash with lavender, cedarwood, rosemary, and citronella essential oils. Handcrafted with vitamin E rich sunflower oil and stimulating allantoin, our Soothe Move lotions are a skin softener and anti-irritant.

*2nd Product - Rad Summer Organic Bug Shield & Itch Reliever:

Rad Summer organic bug shield uses organic castor oil and witch hazel, plus tea tree, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and citronella essential oils to protect you from mosquitos and other pests. Spray on exposed skin and clothes to create a protective shield that keeps bugs off and games on. Our travel size fine mist bottle is sturdy and BPA free.

*3rd Product - Instant Cool Sunburn Relief with Essential Oils:

Instant Cool brings cooling relief to sunburns and helps the healing process with organic coconut and castor oils, pure aloe vera, vitamin E, and essential lavender oil. Spritz onto affected skin as needed. Our travel size fine mist bottle is sturdy and BPA free.

*4th Product - Hiking Buddy Flea & Tick Shield with Essential Oils:

Flea & Tick shield uses organic base oils and witch hazel, plus lavender, lemon, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils to protect you and your pet from fleas and ticks. Spray clothing, exposed skin, and hair. PETS: Start at neck, massaging into coat as you spray. Continue along body to tail, then legs to paws. Our travel size fine mist bottle is sturdy and BPA free.

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